A vast array of contaminants can be found in our soil. This includes everything from lead and asbestos, to PCBs and petroleum, to volatile organic compounds and more. Identifying and addressing these issues are important for gardeners as well as any homeowner with an underground oil tank.

Soil Nutrient Analysis

Growing a garden? Our soil nutrient analysis testing can help you uncover any imbalances in your soils so you can take the appropriate action to create an optimal environment for plant growth.

Underground Storage Tanks

Many properties have or had an Underground Storage Tank (UST) that was used for holding home heating oil. These tanks often begin to leak over time, which can go unnoticed for years – all the while contaminating the soil around them with harmful petroleum. It is the responsibility of the home owner to pay for any clean-up resulting from contamination caused by their tank. That’s why we recommend that buyers search for a UST and test the property’s soil before purchasing any piece of real estate.

Our UST testing services include:

  • Tank Location Services

  • Soil Sampling and Analysis

  • Soil Remediation Management

  • Regulatory Storage Tank Closure Reports

  • Groundwater Sampling and Analysis